Wear a White T-Shirt the Right Way

The white tee is commonly known as a staple of the male wardrobe. It can fit into many different styles and it easily takes the cake as a shirt you can wear anywhere. You can wear it to the gym, you can wear it to work, and you can wear it at home. But do you know how to wear a white t-shirt?

The white tee provides a wide range of opportunities for its wearer. But wearing it and styling it are two different things. Anyone can wear a white tee, but when it comes to styling it, that’s where most people go wrong.

You see, you can’t just wear a white tee with anything even though it can be a great centerpiece for many outfits. A white tee has rules when it comes to wearing it and in order to get the best outfit possible, you have to follow these rules.

Today, I’ll be showing you the rules of wearing a white tee and how you can get the most out of this piece. Because once you know how to wear this reputable tee shirt, I can guarantee that your wardrobe will open up to new possibilities.

Rule Number One: Make Sure the T-Shirt Fits

an example of wearing a white t-shirt

A common rule but an ignored one is making sure that the white tee always fits well around your body. A baggy tee is the fastest way to destroying your style since it makes you look sloppy and unorganized.

A well-fitting white tee should help your chest poke out, wrap around your arms with little space to compensate, and tuck nicely around your waist. These are the three main points that you need to know about.

Altogether, these three points will help you pick out the right shirt for you. The best part about a well-fitting tee is that it accentuates the rest of your body. It can show off features such as your arms, your shoulders, and your chest and overall, make you look much more masculine.

Rule Number Two: Pair it With the Right Colors

This is a universal rule for clothing and doesn’t just apply to the white tee. A white tee works great with some colors and can cause head-scratching with others.

For instance, if you wear a white tee with some blue jeans, no one will find that troubling. White on blue is a very common color combination in the fashion world. In fact, it’s a staple whether it comes to casual wear or formal wear.

But if you try to pair a white tee with some maroon pants, you might have a few heads turn your way. Sure, you can pull it off, especially if you add something like a jacket or a watch of some kind, but white and maroon aren’t a natural color combination in the fashion world.

This can make the outfit seem a little forced and you don’t want that. The purpose of fashion is to make everything look natural. Find color combinations that achieve this natural look.

A few combinations that I suggest you try out are white and blue, white and brown, and white and white and black. These three color combinations are extremely popular across the fashion industry and you can make it work with just about any t-shirt pant matching that you choose.

Rule Number Three: Wash Your T-Shirt Once a Week

White tees provide plenty of opportunities when it comes to styling it but it does have some drawbacks too. Because of its white color, any stain–no matter how small–will show. This means that you need to extremely cautious whenever eating, painting, or doing anything with liquids.

To be safe, wash your white t-shirts once a week, even if you don’t see any stains. Some stains can be invisible to the eye and they’ll build up over time to the point where washing them won’t do anything. I recommend using a cold wash and an air dry to prevent shrinkage when you wash your t-shirts.

Rule Number Four: Know the Benefits of Wearing a White T-Shirt

It’s not a matter of knowing how to wear a white t-shirt, it’s the benefits of the piece. A white t-shirt can go just as well with a blazer and some dress pants as it can go with some jeans and a pair of white sneakers. 

The beauty behind the white t-shirt is its versatility. You can wear it anywhere anytime–to the gym, to dinner, to your workplace–and it will look great on you no matter what.

Choose three or four outfits with a white t-shirt that you know you can rock on a daily basis. Because the white tee is so versatile, you can wear it in several different ways which is why you need several different outfits that utilize the white t-shirt.

To get inspiration, consider looking on Google or fashion lookbooks online. You can also check through fashion blogs like The Kavalier or Real Men Real Style. 

Rule Number Five: Wear Your White T-Shirt to Make Other Things Standout

Your white t-shirt is also great for helping other areas of your body stand out. For instance, the t-shirt and jeans combo helps put emphasis on your jeans, especially if you’re wearing high-quality denim.

A white t-shirt is also the perfect complement for jewelry such as a watch or a bracelet. Of course, there are rules to wearing a watch and too much jewelry can be a bad thing, but when you wear the right amount, a white t-shirt can make your jewelry look even cooler.

In fact, if you look at any major fashionista, celebrity, or model, anytime they wear a white t-shirt, they have some type of accessory to follow with it, whether it be a watch or a bracelet of some kind.

Final Thoughts

It’s not simply a matter of how to wear a white t-shirt, it’s a matter of knowing the rules of wearing a white t-shirt. Because a white t-shirt can be very high maintenance, these rules must be followed.

If you follow these rules, your white t-shirt will be your best friend. It will be a staple in your wardrobe and it will be a piece you use for many different outfits. You may think you know how to wear a white t-shirt, but unless you follow the rules behind this piece of clothing, you never really know how to wear it. 


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