How to Be More Confident in 7 Steps

How to Be Confident in 7 Steps

Being confident is a great trait to have but not everyone is born confident. We can’t all go into any situation and be assured that we’ll be comfortable let alone fine in there. For most people, confidence is built but the problem is that most people don’t know how to be more confident in themselves.

So, how do you become more confident? It starts with being happy with who you are. Every single confident person you know is comfortable with their body, their social skills, their attributes, etc. and you can be just like them but you have to be willing to do a few things.

Take Care Of Your Body

Your body is a temple. Treat it that way. One of the biggest insecurities that men face to this day is their body. The ideal man has been constantly changing and in today’s world, the ideal man is seen as fit, tall, dark, and well-groomed.

While you can’t control how tall you are or how much melanin is in your skin, you can control other aspects such as how fit you are or how you maintain your grooming status. 

Start by eating healthy. Opt for the nutrient bar instead of the chips. Stay in and cook rather than going out to eat. 

Then, go to the gym. A weekly routine is great but going more than once a week is even better. Once you start to get your body into better shape, you’ll find that it’s easier to be comfortable in your own skin. 

You don’t have to even be super fit to the point where you have near 0% body fat and a carved eight pack. Broad shoulders, a flat stomach, and a strong chest will always get the job done.

Being well-groomed will take just as much if not more time than working out weekly. Keep your hair at an optimal length by going in for haircuts on a strict routine. Invest in products to keep your hair thick, healthy, and clean and while you’re at it, get something like a paste or a putty to style your hair. 

Consistently shave if you don’t want a beard or trim if you want to keep your facial hair. The most important tip is to keep your skin moisturized and fresh. There’s nothing that raises a man’s comfort level like well-moisturized skin.

There aren’t many things we can naturally change when it comes to our body. We can’t make our eyes turn blue forever or make our hair turn blonde. (sure, you can dye it but that’s not the point) The things you can change, though, can make a big difference in how you see yourself if you do them consistently and correctly. 

Put Yourself Out There

how to be more confident

Confident people have an uncanny ability to thrive in any situation, even the uncomfortable ones. But this isn’t a trait that you can only receive naturally. It’s one that you can learn by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations.

These situations should never be life-threatening, of course, but they should push you past your mental limit. 

Join new groups that you’re passionate about and meet new people. Strike up conversations with strangers while you’re out doing errands. Go the extra mile and introduce yourself to that one person you see but don’t talk to. All these things will help you become more confident.

A simple way to execute this is by shutting down all thoughts before going in. Just come up with some small talk, walk in, and just do it. 

Don’t Focus on Yourself

One major thing that keeps people from putting themselves out there is hesitation and this hesitation usually stems from fear. People fear that they’ll be judged for what they say and how they look and this is perfectly normal.

But this is a big misconception. People don’t judge you as hard as you think they might judge you. You are your own worst enemy. The flaws that you see usually fly over other people’s head when you talk to them.

If you accidentally stumble over some words or mispronounce something when talking to a stranger, laugh it off and keep going. Don’t linger over any of your mistakes when putting yourself out there.

This shows that you’re comfortable with who you are and that, in turn, implies confidence to both the person you’re talking to and yourself.

Remember, how you perceive yourself is not how everyone sees you. Your insecurities do not matter to the people you introduce yourself to so when you decide to make the jump, focus on what you’re good at and not what holds you back.

Say Yes

Say yes. It’s simple. You want to put yourself into uncomfortable situations so that you can learn to be comfortable with yourself in any environment. So, whenever you have the chance to work on your social skills, say yes.

Your friends ask you to go out to dinner: say yes. Your friends ask if you can meet some of their other buddies, say yes. Basically, whatever social event your friends ask you to attend, try to go to it unless you cannot afford to.

This will train you to adapt to different circumstances and will also allow you to practice putting yourself out there to new acquaintances.

Start Talking More

In order to be more outgoing, you need to learn how to talk on the spot. Talking isn’t really something you can prepare beforehand unless you’re giving a speech. Talking is supposed to be natural.

Thus, you need to practice. Try to make conversation at least ten times a day and not just to your friends or coworkers. Talk to the cashier. Ask them how their day is. Introduce yourself to that guy or that girl at the gym.

I know this sounds like a replication of putting yourself out there but putting yourself out there is introducing yourself to the situations that will help shape you. Talking more will train you to better fare in these situations whenever you meet someone.

The more you talk with people outside of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you’ll be as time passes by. Once you’ve mastered the art of talking, it will become second-hand and you’ll be able to do it naturally whenever you meet someone new.

Accept Your Insecurities

Remember how I said that one step to becoming more confident in yourself is to stop focusing on your insecurities? That won’t work all the time. You may feel comfortable whenever you’re talking to someone and focusing on them but whenever it’s just you, the insecurities will be there.

The best way to fight this is to accept the insecurities you can’t change. You can’t change the fact that you were born with curls. You can’t change the fact that your nose is a little too wide for your taste.

These are the things that you can’t change but by accepting that you can’t change these things, you actually solve the problem. We all have insecurities but our bodies are still beautiful. By accepting that our insecurities don’t define us, we highlight the beautiful parts of what we have to share. 

Pay Attention to How You Dress

A more technical step on the how to be more confident guide is to pay attention to how you dress. Dressing well naturally helps you exude more confidence. 

Think about it. Have you ever been complimented for your outfit? It feels good, right? Dressing well shows that you care about your self-image to both people and yourself. And if you keep this up, slowly but surely, it will make you feel better about yourself. 

If you feel better about yourself, then you won’t worry about what others think about your fashion sense and you can focus on what you’re doing, such as talking to a new acquaintance or introducing yourself to a stranger. 

Dressing well and keeping your body in shape go hand in hand. Together, they keep your self-image at the highest level possible.

Try to buy some essential pieces such as a great starter watch, a few standout pieces of jewelry, and a handful of well-fitting shirts and jeans. These will get you started if you don’t know where to begin.


We all want to know how to be more confident but the thing is, confidence is something most people aren’t born with. In fact, very few people know how to be more confident in themselves with a press of a button.

Luckily, confidence is something that can also be learned. Most people think that learning how to be more confident is something that takes a lot of time and effort but that’s only because you need to exit your comfort zone for any of this to work. 

Confidence is a great trait to have, especially for us men. It can help in places such as the workplace, your school, and even your home. Do you agree with our tips? If you don’t, tell us why in the comments!


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