The Best Shoes For the Summer

The Best Shoes For Summer

It’s official. Summer is in, and spring is out. That means that you’re going to have to change your wardrobe and adjust your style to the new weather conditions. And this doesn’t apply to just your upper garments, undergarments, and everything in between. This also includes your shoes.

While footwear such as Chelsea boots or the infamous Chukkas are in style during the winter, when you reach the warmer months, you’re going to have to opt for shoes that are more in the realm of sneakers and trainers.

This is especially true for the summer when warm temperatures and piercing heat can get the best of you. You’re going to need shoes that are lightweight, sweat-proof, and 100% stylish for whatever occasion you have. 

Here are our top picks for the best shoes for summer. 

Common Projects Achilles Low

One of the best shoes for summer is the Common Projects Achilles Low. Built off the backs of Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, Common Projects has become known as the name for luxury sneakers intended for casual-wear. While most brands like to make their shoes stand out with vibrant color combinations, abstract designs, and a plethora of other features, Common Projects keeps it simple and lets the shoe do the talking.

Not only does it utilize some of the best Italian leather in the game, but it’s also unmatched in its craftsmanship. When you receive a Common Projects shoe, you’re not receiving a shoe made from an automated factory someplace off the shore. You’re receiving a piece that’s been hand-stitched and hand-crafted by experts in the industry. 

The materials are hand-picked and anything short of top-notch is not used in regards to the shoe. For the shoe itself, you can expect an airy and incredibly comfortable feel, something that other lower-cost sneaker brands lack. 

These shoes are also extremely easy to match with outfits. Grab a white tee, some raw denim jeans, a watch, and the CP Achilles Low and you have a go-to, minimal, look that you can depend on day after day. 

That being said, it’s the perfect anywhere sneaker for any occasion that you can think of.

Lastly, how do you know you have the Common Projects? Look for the gold branding off the side of the shoe. It’s their logo and it’s what separates them from the rest of the sneaker industry.

Sperry Authentic Original Flag Boat Shoe

Sperry is a great brand, known for its shoe-making prowess. Their best line is their boat shoes. Each Sperry boat shoe is crafted to perfection and this has led them to become the top name when it comes to creating these types of shoes.

Their authentic original flag boat shoe is one of the best and, at the same time, one of its most unique. While most pairs have a tan leather look, Sperry’s Authentic OG flag boat shoes bring a welcoming array of red, white, and navy blue–almost a patriotic nod to its founding country.

On top of this, each pair of Sperry shoes are carefully sewed and maintained in order to ensure long-lasting wear. Their Tru-Moccasin construction means that you’ll be able to wear them right out of the box and they’ll have a level of comfort that most boat shoes don’t possess.

Plus, it’s extremely straightforward to match these. Do you have a day out on the lake? Match it with the polo of your choice, grab some well-fitting shorts, put on your Sperry shoes, and you’re ready to go. 

While Common Projects’s Achilles Low may take the cake for the everyday sneaker, Sperry’s Authentic Original Flag Boat Shoe is the best when it comes to casual wear and comfort. That’s why it’s made it onto the list for the best shoes for summer. 

Balenciaga Speed Sock Slip-On Sneakers

Whenever summer comes around, it’s essential to get those summer workouts in. That being said, you’re going to need to get a pair of trainers that you can match with your workout clothes, run in, and also feel at home in.

Balenciaga’s Speed Socks are as much snug as they are airy. It doesn’t matter if you’re running in these or lifting weights. Wearing these shoes will feel like walking on pillows per se. Add on the airy feeling that these shoes give off and your feet will feel at home the moment you put the Speed Trainers on. 

They’re great for everyday workouts and they stand out from the rest of the average, boring shoes that are seen in the gym every day. That being said, some of the best shoes for summer come in the form of workout shoes.

One of your best options is the Balenciaga Speed Sock Slip-On Sneakers. They’re great for the physical aspect of going to the gym, they look great while you’re working out, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping on clouds when wearing them.


Summer is here and that means no to the boots and yes to the trainers and the sneakers. These are the best shoes for summer. They’re convenient, comfortable, and stylish. This means that you can wear them for most occasions, pair them up for great summer outfits, and enjoy what they have to offer when it comes to material and design.


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