Grooming Tips Every Man Needs to Know

Grooming Tips Every Man Needs

What a man wears is not the only thing that defines his sense of style and his sense of taste. A man requires layers in order to be his best self. You cannot look good and smell bad at the same time and expect to produce positive results.

Imagine that you’re at a dinner party. You’re wearing the best bespoke suit that money can buy. However, you smell horrible and your hair is a mess. It doesn’t matter that you’re wearing a $2000 suit. If you can’t get a hold of your hygiene or your grooming sense, then your image is in the red.

In order to keep a positive image, you need to know the grooming tips that are essential for every man’s well-being. With these grooming tips, not only will you look your best, but you’ll also feel your best as a result. Let’s get started!

Trim and Clip

The first of our many grooming tips focus on your hair and your nails. These two areas will naturally grow on their own and without supervision, they’ll eventually start to be bothersome. Dirt and garbage can get lodged in your nails and your hair can get in the way of your eyes.

Therefore, for your own well-being, make sure that you clip your nails and trim your hair. Not only will this be more convenient for you, but it also shows that you can maintain a positive body image.

A good length to keep your nails at is about 1mm of white band. As for your hair, an optimal length depends on the style you want and your head shape. Use this guide for more information. 

Keeping your nails and your hair healthy means you need to constantly watch over them. Try to clip your nails once a week. As for hair, while getting a haircut depends on whichever style you want, we recommend that you keep your hair short since you’ll never have a bad hair day by doing so.

It’s Not Hard to Smell Good

There are many things that can make a good first impression on someone but one of the easiest ways to make that happen is by smelling good. 

A good smell is both attractive and welcoming. It tells people that you care about your hygiene and that you’re aware of your bodily smells. Of course, slapping on some deodorant or spraying on some perfume isn’t everything. Your smell can come from different areas.

Most people think that their smell comes from their armpits when in fact it comes from a variety of areas. It can come from behind your ears, your anus, your groin area, your feet, your hair, and even your belly button.

So putting some on some deodorant or swathing yourself in perfume isn’t the answer to a great smell. 

It all starts with a shower. A warm shower can kill off the bacteria present on your skin, especially in the main bacteria-producing areas such as your armpits and your feet. Moreover, using bar soap or body wash can also cleanse the dead skin, bacteria, and oils off of your body. 

The same goes for shampoo and hair conditioner. When properly used, these products can scrape off dead skin and also clean bacteria from your scalp. In order to keep yourself clean and smelling fresh, you should aim to shower once a day. You can also shower twice a day–once in the morning and once in the evening. 

A shower and cologne/deodorant make for a killer combination. For one, the shower will clean most of the oils, dead skin, and bacteria off your body while the cologne/deodorant will coat you in a better scent.

However, one major mistake that most men make is that they put too much on themselves. Too much cologne or too much deodorant and the smell will do more harm than good. Your scent is supposed to draw them in, not overpower their nostrils.

For cologne, you should spray on your wrists. This will allow the scent to spread across your body in a timely manner rather than having it concentrated in one place throughout the day. Spraying some on the neck as well as your wrist is optional too though.

For deodorant, you should apply two swipes to each of your armpits. You should also apply to your underarms as well. The most important part of applying deodorant is to cover all the areas that have hair since this is where the body odor resides.

If necessary, you can reapply after a few hours.

It’s also important that you find the right scent for you. With so many different deodorants and colognes on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. However, Men’s Journal’s guide on finding the perfect cologne is a great place to start. 

They go over matching your cologne with your other grooming products, the different notes of cologne, and how to match it with your image. 

Invest in High-Quality Products

Accessing grooming products is easier than ever now. You can go down to your local drug store and buy some Old Spice putty, Lubriderm body lotion, and Cetaphil facial cleanser. This will do the job but consider investing in some higher-priced items.

Now, not every higher-priced item is higher quality but there are some pieces that are worth every penny you pay.

For example, the Puracy natural body wash uses all-natural elements inside their product so that your skin won’t be damaged by harmful chemicals. All of the natural elements they use–citrus, sea salt, and coconut–provide numerous skin benefits such as blood circulation, oil removal, and smooth skin. 

On top of this, Puracy’s body wash keeps their skin hydrated and moisturized even after leaving the shower, making for a great combination. Some high-quality products such as Puracy’s are worth their price tag because they aren’t just built to do one job but many. 

They can cleanse your skin of impurities as well as keep it hydrated and fresh while other body washes might just do the former with chemicals such as sulfate and triclosan. 

High-quality products are usually more expensive than your everyday shampoo, cleanser, moisturizer, etc. and some brands just put a high price tag on their goods to make you think that they have something better than the rest. 

However, if you do your research and invest time and energy into reading reviews, finding what makes a product great, and looking through your options, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to take your grooming game to the next level.

Some grooming brands we recommend that you check out are Cremo, Rockwell, Ambi, and Mitchum.

Stay Moisturized

The grooming tips you need.

Staying moisturized is always a must for men. It provides a variety of benefits such as clearer skin, sun protection, anti-aging, and of course dryness prevention. Thus, it’s imperative that you implement this into your daily regime.

There are many times throughout the day when you should apply moisturizer. However, applying moisturizer after you wash your face or finish your shower is one of the best times to do so.

Whenever your face is wet, the lotion can enter the skin without much difficulty and help lock in the hydration provided from the moisturizer. This makes the moisturizing process much easier but that also means that once the moisturizer is in, you can’t touch your face until it’s done. 

A great moisturizer will keep you going throughout the day since the sun protection and dryness prevention will essentially keep you feeling fresh and clean. It’s also a good idea to put on some moisturizer before flights since you’re flying at an altitude where the air is extremely dry.

The most common skin care regime you can follow is moisturizing in the morning after you wash your face, moisturizing once more in the afternoon, and moisturizing one last time at nighttime before you go to sleep (ideally after you shower).

This covers all aspects of the day and thus, dryness won’t ever be a problem. Plus, you’ll look better than ever since moisturizers provide great anti-aging benefits. 


There are two parts to looking your best: dressing well and grooming well. The latter is much harder to do than the former but if you follow our grooming tips, then it’s easy to become a grooming master.

You see, grooming comes down to the details. It comes down to making sure that your nails are the right length, your hair is properly maintained with the correct shampoo, and that your skin is kept fresh with moisturizer while always smelling good. 

While all of this may seem overwhelming to do all at once, it really isn’t. We’ve given you the steps to feeling your best while also looking your best and we’ve also given you some of our favorite brands to go to when it comes to buying grooming products.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started. Now, it’s up to you to decide where you want to begin. Maybe you can get started with a haircut or buying some Cremo hair product. Either way, these grooming tips will stick with you forever and help you become a better man. 


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